Thursday, July 30, 2020

Attention White Home Buyers

This undated real estate ad -- prior to the Hurd v. Hodge US Supreme Court case -- includes specific Bloomingdale street addresses.


nobodyhomehere said...

The 2015 book Unjust Deeds talks about 2304 1st Street NW being the home of Henry Gilligan, a 62-year-old lawyer who moved to 1st Street during World War I. He was unhappy African Americans were moving into homes on Bryant Street NW, and as the elected president of the North Capitol Citizens Association [Note that NCCA which is mighty close to the NAACP] fought integration while publicly saying it was “most commendable” that African Americans had new economic opportunities, which I guess didn’t include living near him. Gilligan and a younger neighbor, James A. Crooks, spent a decade fighting integration. I don’t know where Crooks lived. The book says Crooks was Gilligan’s next-door neighbor.

Betsy said...

According to the 1940 Census, James A. Crooks lived at 2302 1st Street. I don't know if they were partners, but Crooks and Gilligan were both attorneys and represented the respondents in Hurd versus Hodge at the Supreme Court.

nobodyhomehere said...

Thank you. They were law partners. Your research allows me to say, "not my house."