Friday, June 24, 2016

DC for Reasonable Development: McMillan update -- July 4th & legal explosion

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Subject: [HistoricWashington] McMillan Update: July 4th & Legal Explosion

McMillan Park Supporters and lovers of brilliant flashes of lights on national landmarks!

Bring your family and friends to our 4th of July McMillan Park celebration

Please RSVP: // 202-232-8391

-- Also check out our latest legal filings -- 

~More amazing and shocking facts emerge:
  • Ward 5 ANC's were #Fontained
  • Yes, McMillan was always a park (until that dam Hitler fence went up) no matter what Vision McMillions Partners and Holland Knight attorneys argue to the Court!
Chris Otten

DC for Reasonable Development


TheCommiss said...

No it was never a park it's an industrial site covered with grass and by the sound of it you must be smoking that grass to belief the BS FOM'ers put out!

BCC said...

Would you please get back on your medication? Frederick Law Olmstead Jr designed the Reservoir space, in addition to the Jefferson Memorial, the White House grounds, and Roosevelt Island among numerous others. He dedicated his career to the National Park Service preserving his father's legacy. He served Yellowstone National Park for almost 30 years, was a leader in city planning, and designed many of the nation's most beautiful college campuses. It's absurd to suggest his work was merely about "an industrial site covered with grass". If you want to be taken seriously, then stop screaming at the internet and grow up. You sound like a child having a temper tantrum. Do better.

TheCommiss said...

Oh please if you would stop being a self serving moron! And think about the residents of DC who paid for this land to be developed so they could have jobs, homes, and services...

Just another terrortis FOM'er!

BCC said...
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BCC said...

Stop. That response is truly pathetic. You don't know me at all - you don't know anything about me. All you know is that you're used to screaming and stomping your feet when you don't get your way. Do you also threaten to hold your breath until you turn blue? You don't like being called out on your childish behavior, yet your response is to become even more childish. I've seen pre-schoolers with more emotional maturity. Grow up, little man. And, get back on your medication.

Daniel in brookland said...

Commish, we paid for this land. It is public ownership, not Bowser, McDuffie, Mendelson or any other corrupt official like Vincent Gray who was not even elected. Successive administrations and Deputy Mayors who colluded with big developers to steal our property, belong in court, not in high office.. They wasted $9.3 million since 1987, so add that malfeasance into the loss. Then kept us "the owners" out of our own recreational green space for 30 years, actually 75 years. This in blatant racist and economic class discrimination.

What makes you so twisted inside as to champion this massive criminal conspiracy? If we are very tolerant and consider your childish pouting and kvetching, advocacy.

TheCommiss said...

here is what i do know that FOM has filled this debate wil lies and misinformtion for years and folks like you have taken it hook line and sinker. So after all these years we still have nothing on this site. What's good is that this project is moving forwrd and finally there will be housing, jobs, and serivces for DC taxpayers instead of tree hugging lies and terrorist tactics!