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enjoy- José Alberto Uclés - NHTSA's * Five-Star Interview - June 22, 2016

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Subject: Enjoy- José Alberto Uclés - NHTSA's * Five-Star Interview - June 22, 2016
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Dear Family & Friends;

I am indeed grateful and do have a blessed & healthy life! 

As I feel passionate and love what I do for work at U.S. Department of Transportation's - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; by helping save lives in traffic crashes, as a Hispanic Spokesperson and media & consumer relations specialist for the last 15 years. I rejoice in my volunteer work as a Commissioner with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for the last 3 years. Love the vibrant, diverse, inclusive, cultural and artistic city we live in and my amazing personal life.

"I live in the best of all possible worlds" Candide

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NHTSA's Five-Star Interview: José Alberto Uclés

A Honduran native who fell in love with Washington while attending American University, José Alberto Uclés' mission is to give back to his community. He serves as commissioner for the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and as media and consumer relations specialist for NHTSA's Office of Communications and Consumer Information--two positions he is equally passionate about. Learn more about Ucles' background in this week's 5-Star Interview. Do you know a fellow NHTSA employee who would make a great Five-Star Interview? E-mail their name to Kathryn Henry.  

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