Sunday, June 19, 2016

person crawling around at 4:29 am last night in a Quincy Pl NW alley

See this 06-19-2016 request from a Quincy Place NW household:

Would you ask on the blogspot if anyone had anything go missing or was a victim of a crime very early this morning?

Our security camera picked up someone crawling around in our carport area at 4:29am.  It was a single individual, and there was no reason for him to be crawling past the car into the neighbor's space back there in the dark, unless he was trying to evade someone.  He looked thin, and was wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, and shorts.

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Unknown said...

Hi Neighbor,

Yes, this individual attempted to enter my apartment on North Capitol (sharing an alley with Quincy and 1st St NW). The police were contacted, arrived in 5 min, and eventually apprehended him and brought the man into the hospital. They described him as drunk and having a mental health episode.

Thanks for sharing that you have video footage and reaching out to the neighborhood.