Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bloomingdale's two former Hofgard houses at 160 Adams St NW and 36 Channing St NW sold at DHCD auction yesterday, Wednesday, 05-15-2019

So DC DHCD held another auction with Alex Cooper Auction yesterday, Wednesday, 05-15-2019.

Two of the properties auctioned off were Bloomingdale's 160 Adams Street NW and 36 Channing Street NW -- two former Hofgard houses.

160 Adams Street NW was auctioned off for $409,500.

36 Channing Street NW sold for $672,000.

No info on who the purchasers are.

Howard University previously won these two houses at auction, but subsequently withdrew from the deal.

It should be noted that the sold prices are less than what Howard University purchased them for in the prior auction -- and less than what DC paid for them.  Hmmm.

Also note that these two properties have covenants requiring that they be developed as workforce housing.  

Let's see what happens this go-round.

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