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HPRB action 05-23-2019: 1600 North Capitol St NW approved on the HPRB consent calendar

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HPRB ACTIONS - May 23, 2019

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May 23, 2019

Present: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Thomas Brokaw, Brian Crane, Outerbridge Horsey, Linda Greene, Chris Landis, and Gretchen Pfaehler. Absent: Sandra Jowers-Barber

Scottish Rite Temple amendment (boundary expansion), 1733 16th Street NW, Case 19-05.
The Board denied the amendment to the Scottish Rite Temple designation to establish the boundaries to coincide with Lot 108.  The Board determined that the former Lot 800 upon which the temple stood when completed in 1915 was the appropriate boundary and voted to establish the boundary as such.  Vote:  8-0

1733 16th Street NW, Scottish Rite Temple, HPA 18-668, concept/four-story plus penthouse new apartment building. 
By a vote of 6-0, the Board found the revised concept for new construction and subdivision to be compatible with the landmark, the 16th Street and the 14th Street historic districts, and that final permit and subdivision approval be delegated to staff, contingent on the following:
1)            The projecting bays and window and door surrounds on the S Street elevation should be given greater articulation, depth and shadow;
2)            The doors and door surrounds for the townhouse elements should have greater visual interest;
3)            The stair risers should be developed to provide visual interest;
4)            The penthouse height should be further reduced and the penthouse windows reduced in size;
5)            The penthouse amenity room should be pulled further away from the back of the temple, and the roof deck railing for the amenity area should be pulled off the S Street elevation to eliminate it from being seen against the back of the temple;
6)            Lightening the color of the penthouse should be considered;
7)            The penthouse roof should not be used for mechanical equipment;
8)            The roof deck railings should be made more inconspicuous, ideally so that they are not visible from street view;
9)            The setback of the building behind the building line on 15th Street should continue to be evaluated as to whether the building could be moved forward.

WALTER REED HISTORIC DISTRICT                                            
7185 13th Street NW, HPA 19-319, permit/solar panel canopy on garage roof.
The Board approved the installation but encouraged the applicants to look at better coordinating the installation with the building, such as by aligning the solar array’s vertical supports with the building’s structural piers.  Vote:  5-0.

3301 Lowell Street NW, HPA 19-325, concept/alterations and addition to John Eaton School and HPA 19-328, permit/substantial demolition of 1930s wing.
By a vote of 5-0, the Board made the following findings:
1) It acknowledged that alternatives to preserve the 1931 wing have been thoroughly evaluated; 2) Found the proposed demolition of the 1931 wing inconsistent with the purposes of the DC Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act, and recommended that the case proceed to the Mayor’s Agent for review;
3) Found that many aspects of the proposed concept, including the height, footprint and massing are appropriate for the school and surrounding historic district, but that further design work was needed, including making the addition less of an object and more of a transitional linking element with further attention to building’s scale, composition, and materiality, and more closely related to the balanced and symmetrical character of the flanking buildings;
4) If the Mayor’s Agent determines that the project is found to constitute a project of special merit and/or consistent with the Act, request that the Mayor’s Agent direct the applicants to return to the Board for further design review and to finalize the scope of preservation and restoration work.  Vote:  5-0
3401 Lowell Street NW, HPA 19-270, concept/alterations and addition.
The Board did not take a vote but commented that the addition was overwhelming in size and scale.  The applicant was encouraged to continue working with staff and return for review at a future meeting. 
1832 15th Street NW, HPA 19-173, concept/two-story rear addition, garage addition.
The case was deferred to the June hearing due to a lack to time.


The Consent Calendar was approved by a vote of 7-0.

1600 North Capitol Street NW, HPA 19-154, revised concept/new construction.

717 6th Street SE, HPA 19-315, concept/three-story addition.
215 G Street NE, HPA 19-271, preliminary concept/modernization and addition to Logan School.

3432 Connecticut Avenue NW, HPA 19-209, revised concept/alterations and addition to apartment building.
The Board approved the revised concept but directed that the side elevation above the post office building warranted additional design attention; the use of some type of patterning, texture or banding to the brickwork was recommended.

3117 35th Street NW, HPA 19-324, concept/two-story rear addition.

1229 19th Street NW, HPA 19-310, concept/addition, second floor on detached garage.

1460 Rhode Island Avenue NW, HPA 19-323, concept/five-story rear addition.

3120 N Street NW, HPA 19-244, concept/one-story rear addition and enclosure of second-story rear porch.

1128 6th Street NW, HPA 19-215, revised concept/convert single-family dwelling to multi-family dwelling, three-story rear addition and penthouse.

Transcripts of this Historic Preservation Review Board Meetings may be purchased from the court reporting agency that covered this hearing – Olender Reporting, Inc. (202) 898-1108, ,or . Copies of individual staff reports that are prepared in advance of the hearing are posted on our website at .

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