Tuesday, May 21, 2019

crimes: vehicle stolen from an alley along Crispus Attucks Park; bicycles stolen from alley between S and Seaton NW, unit block

See these two early morning 05-21-2019 messages:

Another vehicle was stolen from an alley in broad daylight, with at least two people present within 30 feet of it on Monday morning. A Comcast truck was parked in the alley, with the engine off, and somehow a thief managed to get in and drive it away, this happened around 10:30 AM right in the Crispus Attucks Park alley. 

Someone was casing the Unit Block ally between S and Seaton NW last night around 10:20pm. He stole at least 2 bikes, one of them being an old MPD bike I had purchased from auction. Here are some pictures of him.

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