Tuesday, February 18, 2020

person caught on Nest Cam in a Bloomingdale backyard and dogleg -- Monday evening, 02-17-2020

A neighbor passes along this message and Nest video:

#caughtonNestCam. https://video.nest.com/clip/d646000bc7534007b8ffd808198455af.mp4

Can you post this video to see if any one recognized this person from the neighborhood? I had an intruder make his way my back yard and down the dogleg. This was about at 10:55 PM Monday evening yesterday (2/17/2020). I called the police and made a report but the police took close to 30 minutes to arrive because could not tell the police from the video if he had a weapon.

This person had to go thought a gate and walk deep into our walking alley to get to this point. I know now to keep my backyard porch lights on not just the walking step lights.

#caughtonNestCam. https://video.nest.com/clip/d646000bc7534007b8ffd808198455af.mp4

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