Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ward 5 CM McDuffie's Ward 5 FY 2021 budget priorities sent to the Mayor

From: Bertha Holliday
Sent: Saturday, February 29, 2020 5:42 AM
Subject: McDuffIe's Ward 5 FY 21 Budget Priorities sent to Mayor

 On 2/26/20, our Ward 5 Councilman, Kenyon McDuffie, forwarded a  letter to the Mayor that outlined his recommended FY21 budget priorities for Ward 5.  Several of those recommended priorities will specifically address needs of  the Bloomingdale neighborhood.  Such priorities include the following;
  • Support of small and minority business creation, retention, and growth by providing significant investment to support long-term resident-owned businesses, grants to start ups under 5 years in operation, and expansion of financial assistance to the Small Business Retailers Tax Credit. 
  • Mitigation of financial challenges faced by small businesses due to construction of the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) project by (including Rhode Island NW and 3rd St. NW through significant additional investment to affected small businesses 
  • Provide continued investment in pedestrian -friendly [street] designs and sidewalk improvements throughout Ward 5.
  •  Support investment of $40 million dollars to create "The New North Capitol Street" by decking-over North Capitol St. between V Street and Seaton Place to create a greenway park and advance "connectivity, public realm, and neighborhood character improvements..." 
  •  Approval and funding of introduced legislation ("Bloomingdale Historic District Targeted Historic District Preservation Assistance Act of 2020") that would enable Bloomingdale homeowners to receive grants to assist with the repair/rehabilitation of a homes located in the Bloomingdale Historic District. 
Other items addressed in McDuffie's Ward 5 FY21 budget recommendation letter include public safety, educational,  affordable housing, small business & economic development,  transportation & infrastructure improvements, environmental, open spaces/recreation, and health & human services.  The letter also addresses the impeprative to fund certain legislation that has been enacted but unfunded,  as well as introduced but not as yet approved legislation. 

The full text of McDuffie's FY21 Ward 5 Budget Recommendations Letter is available at:    

THANKS to all who took the time to fill-out the Councilman's  FY21 Budget Survey, or send an email or letter ,or chatted with him regarding the what & why of Bloomingdale's needs.  You were heard!  Civic engagement makes a difference.  

So now -- we all need to send a BRIEF email to the Mayor ( to let her know (as a resident of Bloomingdale) of your support for Councilman McDuffie's FY21 Budget Recommendations -- especially those related to Bloomingdale! 

Bertha Holliday
Bertha G., Holliday, PhD & Associates, LLC
Independent Consultant (Diversity Assessment, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation)
49 T Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Co- Director
Bloomingdale Village Square Project
"Building Community Identity & Sense of Place"

Commissioner, ANC 5E07
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