Sunday, February 23, 2020

should DC Water start work at 7am (rather than at 9am) to end construction sooner?

See this NextDoor post from Teri Janine Quinn, president of the Bloomingdale Civic Association:

Should DC Water start work at 7am to end construction sooner??? Do you live near the DC Water construction (NEBT)? The BCA needs to hear from you! DC Water is considering whether to request permission to begin hauling materials to their worksite 2 hours earlier (@7am). DC Water has indicated that the proposed change would lead to shortening the completion time for the 3rd Street, NW worksite by 3 months and the Rhode Island Avenue, NW(N Cap-FLA) worksite by 1.5 months. We want to provide feedback with regard to residents’ preference. We will be discussing this issue at our February meeting tomorrow evening - the agenda was posted here last week. If the noise or vibrations from these 2 worksites impact your house, please attend the meeting. If you cannot attend but wish to provide your feedback please email us at

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