Friday, February 21, 2020

this week's McMillan's court order: "motion for an injunction is granted"

See these tweets from a person who might appear to oppose the current McMillan development project:


Daniel in brookland said...

No one regrets saving Central Park in New York, and for sure, preserving McMillan, DC's Central Park in the center of our city, we would have no regrets either. Clearly, common sense is preserving this EXISTING, mystical and historic 25-acre park for public needs and allow for a much more walkable, livable, breathable, breezier, cooler, gracious City. Not a corrupt land “surplus,” giving away our public treasure and park land to “insider” real estate developers VMP, legalized burglary! After 32 years of wasteful financial malfeasance by successive DC administrations, denying less privileged central DC enjoyment of the park. WHAT CREDIBILITY? Ironically, we (including our Mayor, AG Karl Racine) think that Trump is guilty of usurping the laws to benefit himself, his family and others around him... yet we fail to understand that the same corruption is pervasive right here in our community, and our complacency ENABLES the CORRUPTION!

We have been sold out to developers and many of our officials benefit financially, or their family and friends. With shocking irresponsibility, they make decisions not in the public good, while ensuring themselves a lucrative job with the developers and their law firm, Holland and Knight. Old style cash payoffs are just a drop in the bucket and they have literally written, and re-written our laws solely to keep this massive development forced down our throats for 12 years, with not a single democratic process anywhere.

At-large Councilman Michael Brown, summed it up well, upon sentencing for his felony conviction, he said to the Judge: "I COULDN'T RESIST THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION ON THE DC CITY COUNCIL" Michael Brown

The reality is that just North, Armed Forces Retirement Home is slated for mass development (81 acres including 5000 parking spaces!), and steps South, Rhode Island Avenue has 4000 new units under construction. Washington Hospital Center has a major re-development plan, all with no proper urban planning or mass transit coming to North Capital. VMP’s mega project will crowd local streets with over 30,000 additional auto trips daily, and require 600 buses 24 hours a day to ferry 24,000 mass transit users to metro since no Metro is near McMillan Town Center. Imagine the air quality, already the City’s most polluted area!

Unknown said...

They say a lie told loud and often enough becomes the truth. There are so many falsehoods coming out of this that it is pointless to address them except to say that thisis nothing more than a campaign of mis-information.
Even the report of the court order has been dishonest. The court ruled against all of FOMPS appeals except for the permitting review. This will simply cause another costly delay in construction.