Wednesday, April 22, 2020

04-21-2020 ANC5E meeting tidbits: support for resident-only parking on Quincy, 1600 blk of 1st St NW, 400 blk of R St NW; Maedwell to buy firehouse; opposes any DDOT action that would result in the reduction of lanes on Fla Ave

I attended last night's ANC5E meeting via Zoom.

See these tweets:

This request for resident-only parking will get forwarded to DDOT.    Note that resident-only parking is for one side of the street and not both sides of the street. Whether this actually happens is another thing.

This is not new news: Maedwell has indicated in the past that it would be purchasing the firehouse property to be able to incorporate it with the hotel project next door.  Note that renderings will be shared with the community sometime soon.

Let's see if the Joe Mamo lot at North Capitol St NW and Florida Ave NW gets taxed at a higher tax rate -- as a motivation to advance the development project -- or to sell the property to a development team that will actually pursue the project.

This vote by ANC5E is unbelievable.

This traffic study has not been performed and ANC5E votes to oppose one of the potential outcomes of this study. 

I have been asked to add these tweets (which I am doing without comment):

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