Thursday, April 30, 2020

some action at Bloomingdale's two former Hofgard houses to be developed into workforce housing: 160 Adams St NW and 36 Channing St NW

These two properties have lots of history.

You can Google against the blog here if you want to get caught up.  

Quick summary: Bloomingdale has two former Hofgard houses which were acquired by DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as part of its Vacant-to-Vibrant program.  The two addresses are 160 Adams Street NW and 36 Channing Street NW.  

DC DHCD put out a bid for developers.  The winner bidders were announced back in July 2019.  

The winning developer for 160 Adams Street NW was North Star Properties LLC.
The winning developer for 36 Channing Street NW was Space to Grow LLC.

As far as I can tell, these two properties have not yet been sold to the winning bidders.  Maybe the property sales will show up soon. 

These properties are intended to be developed as workforce housing. 

It is not clear if the projects are intended to deliver rental units or ownership units. 

For now, let me share this current news.

DCRA's Civic Insight advises that about a permit for 160 Adams Street NW.

An opening question: All of the existing permits for 160 Adams St NW have expired.  Does the existing third-story pop-up "convey?"

Here is what DCRA's Civic Insight has for Bloomingdale's other former Hofgard house, 36 Channing Street NW:

Nice to see some action on these two properties.  

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