Tuesday, September 29, 2020

HPRB: McMillan concept/construction of healthcare facility on parcel 1 -- Thursday, 10-01-2020

 See this revised HPRB 10-01-2020 agenda, which includes McMillan:

HPRB Revised Agenda 2020 10 01 by Scott Roberts on Scribd

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Daniel in brookland said...

DC Appelate Court Judge Glickman October 17 2018 oral Arguments, in Mayor's
Agent appeal to DMPED Lawyer Caroline Van Zile on Mayor's agent deciding McMillan Development

"Now he knows where which side of his bread is buttered on doesn’t he. You know he can write an opinion that really does what he wants, and I’ll get more of these jobs, which are really lucrative, or I can write an opinion that umm goes the other way, and that will be the last job I get”
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff Brookland resident "and its not fixed!"