Monday, September 07, 2020

quick rundown of the six empty lot projects along North Capitol Street NW

 This is a cross-post from the Bates Area Civic Association blog.

North Capitol Street NW empty lots with development plans <
It’s a challenge to keep up!

Here is the list of empty lots from the Maison Kesh site down to the Sonder site along North Capitol Street NW.

This list does not include the projects along North Capitol Street NE.

1626-1648 North Capitol Street NW: Maison Kesh
(note that Maedwell Companies does NOT own the firehouse or Pub and the People buildings)
From Buzz Buzz Home: 64 Units, 4 Stories

1600 North Capitol Street NW (“Joe Mamo lot”): Unbranded
From Buzz Buzz Home: 95 Units, 7 Stories

Florida and Q Street NW: Barnett-Adan Apartments
14 Florida Avenue NW
10 Q Street NW
6 Q Street NW
8 Q Street NW
4 Q Street NW
16 Florida Ave NW
12 Q Street NW
14 Q Street NW
DHCD’s Barnett-Adan Apartments, a 24-unit affordable housing project

1520-1522 North Capitol Street NW (at Bates Street NW): Cycle House
15 units, 4 story

1428-1430 North Capitol Street NW (at P Street NW)
Owned by developer Douglas Jemal & Co.
It is unclear if this is an actual development project or a trial balloon presentation. Click on this link to see this rendering, which I have never seen before.

1324-1326 North Capitol Street NW: "Sonder lot"
Adam M Taylor has the most current info

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