Wednesday, September 23, 2020

WaPo "Where We Live: "Bloomingdale: Once drug-ridden, now one of D.C.’s most-coveted addresses"

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Bloomingdale: Once drug-ridden, now one of D.C.’s most-coveted addresses

By Susan Straight

September 23, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. EDT 

Bloomingdale is a vibrant community of colorful rowhouses, apartments, and condominiums between Howard University and North Capitol Street, just south of the McMillan Reservoir. The historic rowhouses are so striking the Netflix political thriller “House of Cards” used them in its opening title sequence.


Teri Janine Quinn has been president of the Bloomingdale Civic Association for 10 years. She was originally drawn to the community because of its proximity to her D.C. office.




Where We Live | Bloomingdale in Northwest Washington


Bloomingdale resident Scott Roberts was one of those early residents. He bought his two-story Victorian-style rowhouse in 1992, during a particularly difficult time for the neighborhood.


“The neighborhood was drug-ridden, with open-air, out-in-the-open drug markets everywhere,” said Roberts. “Virtually all of the neighborhood retail spaces were untenanted in the early 1990s. Who would want to open up a business here?”



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Daniel in brookland said...

I noticed what a litter strewn dirty place Bloomingdale is and on Channing, Vision McMillan Partners cut down the weeds, and overgrowth on the South embankment to what should have been our park since 1987, and left a nice rat harborage along the fence . That fence should come down and let us have access to our park already, what a massive rip off Bowser is pulling!