Monday, February 13, 2006

February 1st meeting.


Monthly Meeting

Invited guests include representatives from the following:

Howard University’s Center for Urban Progress
Reference: Update on CUP's Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts

H Street Community Dev Corp Proposal
Reference: Update on Consolidated PUD on 4th Street NE Property

Metropolitan Police Department
Reference: Public Safety Report

Where: Harry Thomas Recreation Center
1743 Lincoln Road, N.E.
When: Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Time: 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M.

P.O. Box 77761
TELEPHONE: 832-1965/1966

C. Dianne Barnes 21 February 2006
Convener Harry Thomas Recreation Center
1743 Lincoln Road NE.


1. Meeting Called to Order 7:00PM

2. Opening Comments

3. Public Safety Report: Fifth District MPD 7:05PM

4. Community Concerns - Constituents 7:10PM

5. Presentation: Anita Amero, HU's Center for Urban Progress - Lead Technical Studies 8:00PM

6. Presentation: Eric Jones Proposal H Street CDC PUD for property east side of 4th Street 8:15PM
NE, Square 3629, Lot 808 - Update

7. Review and Approval of Minutes: 17 Jan 06 (Action Item) 8:30PM

8. Treasurer’s Report: (Action Item)
a. Outstanding Bills (Phone, Storage, Internet and Web Services)
b. Review and Approval of Grant Applications

9. Consideration of ANC 5C FY06 Priorities and Projects (Action Items)
a. Approval of FY06 Budget
b. Approval of Policies/Guidelines
c. Approval of Grant Committee
d. Approval of Office Space at Rhode Island Avenue Plaza
e. Approval of FY06 Meeting Site: Harry Thomas Recreation Center/Multiple Sites

10. Consideration of ANC FY06 Speakers (Action Item)

11. Announcements: 8:55 PM
a. 16 Feb 06, Police Service Area (PSA) 501, Edgewood Terrace - 7PM - 9PM
b. 11 Mar 06, Ward 5, 7th Annual Constituent Services Summit, Trinity - 8AM - 4PM
c. 16 Mar 06, Police Service Area (PSA) 501, All Nations Baptist Church, 7PM - 9PM

15. Adjournment 9:00 PM


Other Action Items Considered by ANC 5C

1. Public Service Applications for Public Pay Telephones in 5C

2. Board of Zoning Adjustment/Zoning Commission Applications:

a. BZA Application No. 17437 - of Amsale Teku, request for variance from the use provisions (DCMR Title 11, Section 2003.1) of the R-4 Zone in order to locate a “Beauty Salon” at premises 1543 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Square 510E, Lot(s) 800, First Floor.

b. Case # 05-25 - Consolidated Planned Unit Development (PUD – H Street Community Corporation – For review and approval of a consolidated PUD for property located on the east side of 4th Street, NE between Rhode Island Avenue, NE and Bryant Street, NE. Square 3629, Lot 808

c. Case # 05-23 - Consolidated Planned Unit Development (PUD) - & Related Map Amendment –
CSX Realty Corp & FF Realty, LLC – For review and approval of a consolidated PUD and related
map amendment from M to C-3-C for property located in the Eckington neighborhood. Square 3576, Lot 815

d. Case # 05-20 - Asphalt Plant – Text Amendment - To allow asphalt plants as a permitted use within the industrial zone districts subject to special to special except review.

e. Case # 17404 - Reference 410-416 Richardson Place NW: Applicant – Wilbur Mondie.

f. Large Tract Review Application for PEPCO NE Substation (LTR 04-04) – From the Potomac Electric Power Company for he construction of a 69 kilovolt power substation on a portion of the Capitol Commerce Center in the Eckington section of NE Washington.

g McMillan Reservoir Proposed Economic Development Activity.

3. Department of Public Transportation

a. Bryant Street NW One-Way Conversion - Resolution
b. T Street NW One-Way Conversion – Resolution
c. Yellow Line Extension - Resolution

4. ABC Applications/Issues in 5C Area

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