Thursday, February 23, 2006

Longtime Shaw Residents Ponder: Cash Out or Stay

here is a post article about Shaw

heres a section:
When Brodgins steps outside these days, he said, the stoops are empty, the sidewalk is barren and there is no one to talk to. He finds company around the corner where people still congregate outside the shuttered Howard Theater, under the rusting blue "Jimmy's Golden Q" sign, a vestige of a long-closed pool hall.

Brodgins's new neighbors seem to be in a hurry, he said, often checking him out warily, if acknowledging his presence at all. " They're the strangers," he said. "I'm here. I got here before you got here. Why can't you at least be cordial?"

To me that is the saddest part. The loss of neighborlyness, as many new residents move in, changing the long developed balance that is community. While it is certain that a new community will be fashioned with new and old residents, the fact that this guy feels like many people are ignoring him is sad. Talk to one another people! at the very least look a man in the eye and say hello.

see this Washington post history of shaw timeline

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