Sunday, February 05, 2006

rumour is....

that there is a coffee shop in the future @ 1st and florida nw.

on the other end of the block to the east will be EC-12. To the west another block, another coffee shop.

Are things really happening here in bloomingdale?

let's hope.


Anonymous said...

Any more detail to the rumor? I am excited!

Sean Hennessey said...

i have heard that there will be a coffee shop at the intersection of 3rd and florida, near the gas station.

i have also heard that the big bear market on 1st will be turning into some type of place that has seating.

i dont know the owners of these places, so cant state this stuff as fact.

but i can keep my fingers crossed about it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That would be wonderful!

Can you flesh out the rumor? As in, which corner of 1st & Fla NW? Would that be in one of the vacant houses on the NE side or replacing the liquor store on the SE side?

Sean Hennessey said...

sorry to mislead, i actually meant the corner of 1st and r street...practically florida there..

seems the Big Bear Market has changes in store since it was recently purchased by neighbors with ideas of a coffeeshop.

again, i'd like to emphasize that, to me, this is still merely a rumor.

if anyone can confirm it, please feel free to comment!