Monday, February 06, 2006

nw corner of florida and north capitol

"The Applicant intends to construct a new building on the site consisting of approximately 85,428 square feet of gross floor area [or a FAR of 4.5]. The building will contain approximately 75 apartment units (4.3 FAR) and a maximum of 4,000 square feet (.2 FAR) of gross floor area devoted to neighborhood serving retail and service uses. The new building will be constructed to a maximum height of 82.5 feet with the height stepping down to approximately 65 feet at the top of the sixth floor level and further stepping down along the west and north exposures. There will be approximately 85 parking spaces provided in a 2 level below-grade garage accessed from Florida Avenue. The Applicant is also requesting a Zoning Map Amendment to rezone the property from C-2-A to C-2-B."

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