Tuesday, February 21, 2006

firehouse info

info pirated from the bloomingdale listserve.

Old Firehouse / EC-12 and XM Satellite Radio

Brian Brown and Mike Benson gave a brief presentation on the plans for the old firehouse at North Capitol Street NW and Quincy Place NW. The EC-12 restaurant will be on three levels. The third floor will be for private dining. The second floor space would be shared with XM Satellite Radio, which will be doing occasional simulcast broadcasts. There would be no cover charge when the XM guest artists would be performing. When XM is not there, that space would be for dining. Mike advised that the restaurant would be working with DC Central Kitchen. Graduates of DC Central Kitchen would work in the EC-12 kitchen. (Currently, Mike uses DC Central Kitchen graduates at CafĂ© Saint-Ex.) Brian mentioned that they were working on parking, such as negotiating with existing nearby parking lots for peak periods. Brian also said that they would be obtaining a Class C (restaurant) liquor license. They won’t be running a nightclub! No secret switcheroos at the last minute. Regarding the restoration of the firehouse building – Brian advised that he plans to do a full-period restoration. EC-12 will be open for lunch and dinner. It would close at 2 AM. There was mention of having off-duty police around. Brian said that they would be settling on the property in a month or two. The potential EC-12 menu? Brick oven pizza is the primary venue, with hamburgers and pasta. Mike said that his Cafe Saint-Ex would also be the EC-12 chef. The prices would range between $5 and $20. The 2nd floor could be used for community meeting space, too.

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