Sunday, February 12, 2006

projects in the area

here are some of the projects going on around eckington/ward 5/ places i consider close by.

Washington Gateway-Florida & New York Avenues, NE Washington Gateway is located at the intersection of New York and Florida Avenues, NE. It is a multi-building mixed-use site, with three buildings each approximately 230,000 sq. ft.

McMillan Sand Filtration site- you know where it is.

A proposed redevelopment of the 25-acre McMillan Sand Filtration site bounded by North Capitol Street (E), Michigan Avenue (N), First Street (W) and Channing Street (S) calls for a 1.2 million sq. ft. mixed-use development. Initial plans include about 1,100 residential units, 100,000 sq. ft. of retail (including a grocery store), 15,000 sq. ft. community center, 12 acres of parks and 2,600 underground parking spaces. A developer will be selected through an RFP process.

Fairfield Residential Eckington Place & Harry Thomas Way, NE
A mixed-use development by Fairfield Residential is planned to contain 650 - 675 condominiums, 15,000 sq. ft. of retail and 750 - 796 parking spaces across from XM Satellite Radio and north of the FedEx distribution center. It is expected to deliver in 2007. The site is 4.3 acres in size.

Shops at Rhode Island Place yep, by the home depot.

This mixed-use development will be constructed on an 8.78-acre site located at the Rhode Island Metro station. The project will include a residential component featuring 270 traditional and urban-loft style apartments. The development will also include a three-story, 200-space parking garage (56,500 sq. ft.) and an additional 130 spaces at grade. The 70,000 sq. ft. of retail stores are located along a central access corridor that includes a landscaped boulevard.

Rhode Island Avenue Gateway

The proposed project is located near the intersection of 4th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NE. H Street CDC in 2004 acquired and razed three dilapidated buildings and prepared the site for development. In 2005 HSCDC is seeking under the Planned Unit Development (PUD) approval process to construct a nine-story, 253,388 sq. ft. residential structure with retail on the first floor. In addition to the PUD process, the project is undergoing additional planning and predevelopment activities.

New York Avenue Gateway (Square 0670) ????? no info yet for this proposed project at north cap and new york.......

New Town at the Capital City Market Description:
The New Town at the Capital City Market development will consist of condos and apartments, office and retail, hotel, YMCA, townhouses and an amphitheater. The site is bounded by Florida Avenue (South), New York Avenue (North) and 6th Street (West).


PalacePool said...

Lots going on, that is for sure. Now if we could only get more sitdown restaurants, taverns and non-strip mall type shops nearby we could be a real community. I am very jealous of the vitalization on H st.

Richard Layman said...

The last proposal for the Market area is merely a concept put out by someone who owns a couple properties. Many of the other land owners are not in favor, and it isn't necessarily an asset-based plan.

Certainly, it is a bastardization of what was proposed in the Cluster 23 Economic planning proposal, to focus revitalization efforts around the food orientation of the market, to build on the assets that are there.

A revitalization strategy is based on assets, while what is proposed is more "urban renewal"--clearance and 100% rebuild. The fact of the matter is that commercial rents in rebuild situations price out, for the most part, independents.

Sean Hennessey said...


so, what's really going on with this site then?