Friday, June 27, 2014

Bloomingdale Farmers Market this Sunday: corn and the LeDroit Chamber Players

Subject: Corn and LeDroit chamber Players
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 12:35:29 -0400

Hi Bfm Fans,

Gather up your July 4th goodies for a picnic on the 4th

COOKING DEMO at 11 with Chef Sarah Waybright.  Her favorite summer vegetable is the tomato which she insists are only worth eating when they are grown nearby.  See what she does with Ivy Brand and Garner's tomatoes this week.

LEDROIT CHAMBER PLAYERS at 10:  Our favorite musicians back again for a rousing performance.  They are the best and we adore them.

Corn, Cherries and Berries! Tomatoes from the field., voluptuous eggplant, summer squash, big fat onions, rainbow of peppers..

Grill vegetables, grill corn, grill meat.  Grill some bread and rub with fresh garlic and drizzle over olive oil and add some goat/jersey cow Keswick cheese or smash a fresh tomato on the bread and call it pan tomat as they do in Barcelona.  Play a few grilled vegetable slices on the flavored bread and call it a crostini or bruschetta.

Or if you want, make the simplest of summer soups, a crema of baby yellow squash (or green squash).   I did that for 5 friends Tuesday night.  Grate or thinly slice some yellow squash and braise in olive oil in a heavy covered pot until the squash gives up its juice and is soft.  I cooked with it the sliced greens of two scallions.  Salt.  This will take 10-15 minutes because you want the vegetables to be surrounded by their water.  You only add more water once that has happened.   Cook another 5 minutes to meld the flavors and then puree it to death with a stick blender or  pour it into a blender. Serve in individual bowls with chopped chives, a thread of olive oil and some parmesan if you like.  The color is a very pretty yellow and the flavor is delicate but full.  Don’t forget the salt..

What’s at market this week?
REID's got cherries, berries and snap peas.

got the sweet corn,  early girl tomatoes from his fields, sungolds,  fat eggplants, peppers, summer squash, beets, kale, arugula, cucumbers, green and yellow beans. Red, white and Yukon spuds. Okra.

: I feasted on their field tomatoes this past week.  They will have more this week.  Lettuce, Baby Lettuce Mix, Spring Mix,  carrots that grow in their sandy soil (did you know that carrots love sandy soil?).  Kale, chard, garlic scapes, fresh shallots, parsley, scallions, peas and Pesto Ready Basil.

 has their beautiful baby arugula, lettuce springmix,kale, chard, beets
And maybe one more week of asparagus.   The Meat Department is full of  every cut of pastured pork, sausages, bacons, chickens and Turkeys.

 KESWICK:  The mixed milk caporella (between a burrata and a mozarella- great with tomatoes) is new this year.  The Fetas are old faves and also good with our new field tomatoes.  There seems to be a new cheese every week so taste through the samples.  The berries demand yogurt and don't stint.

: croissants, Danish, scones, baguettes, whole  wheat, rye, pumpernickel raisin, walnut wheat, rustiques.  Loaves and boules.

 You need pickles for those grilled foods and kimchi and kraut.

Blueberry Lemon Chess Pie is Jenna’s newest treat, a sweet and tart antidote to summer heat.  Kale, basil and sun dried tomato quiche makes a quick summer meal.  Two strawberry pies—Strawberry rhubarb and Peach Strawberry.  Don’t forget the mushroom with Bacon and chard.

Bike Clinic at 11 as always.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT PRODUCE PLUS:  Just show a SNAP, WIC, SENIOR or Medicaid Card and we can give you $10 of Produce Plus and $10 in bonus tokens to buy fruits and vegetables at BFM.

See you Sunday:

Teds, Rachel, Robin

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