Sunday, June 22, 2014

seeking referrals for tree-cutting services that have experience dealing with cable lines

See this 06-22-2014 message:

In search of suggestions for an affordable tree cutting service that has experience dealing with cable lines. We have a big tree that needs to come down behind our property but there are a bunch of cable/phone etc. lines running through it. Has anyone had to deal with a similar situation and used a good service?


nobodyhomehere said...

I have used this company several times to trim trees in a location with lots of wires. They have not removed a tree, because it is in a neighbor's yard, just kept it away from my property. They have done a very good job, although they have to come back every couple of years because the tree won't stop growing.

Unknown said...

I have been very pleased with the service from Save-A-Tree. They were professional and safe in their approach to trimming a tree where cable wires were inter-twined. It's been at least two years and the trim cost was approx $600. An arborist surveyed the job and then scheduled a date for the work. We had a heavy rain the morning of the job, but the tree cutters were not deterred once the rain had ended. Best wishes with your job.