Tuesday, November 17, 2015

a McMillan sunrise: "It's like walking among the clouds."

See this message and image from a resident abutting the McMillan site:

Here is a pic taken this morning at McMillan.

As someone observed of the Frank Olmsted Jr-designed park: "It's like walking among the clouds."


Steve's Blog said...

Imagine paving over that.

beautifybloomingdale said...

Amazing - what a visual - our sky and open space is truly remarkable! Let's keep it and count our blessings and support FOM! We need a world class CENTRAL PARK IN DC! Where else better than McMillan???

Unknown said...

That view would be interupted by office buildings if developed.

Paul Kirk said...

Thanks to Bill the photographer.

Daniel in brookland said...

Now Abigail can cover corruption in the DC govt.
Bowser, Gray, Mendelson are using the affordable housing crisis to ram more luxury development down the peoples throats. Like Vision McMillan Partners corporate/govt. collusion to steal 25 acre McMillan Park, is corruption in the $billions, and miserable destructive urban planning, "the monstrosity on Michigan Avenue".
For public health, we need open spaces, green space, a DC Wolf Trap outdoor concert stage, a DC Glen Echo arts and education campus, urban beach, and urban sustainable agriculture. We can Save McMillan Park for the people, public land for public needs, not VMP massive corporate welfare abuse and $billion profit.
With proven vertical indoor growing technology we could convert the 20 acre McMillan/Olmsted Park underground caverns to a fully functional, local food production facility, making it a truly sustainable site. Imagine superior organic fresh fruit, vegetables and Family Farmed Fish freshly produced right here in DC, no longer trucked from California, Florida and Mexico.
Please see this fascinating video:
Mayor Bowser and the DC City Council are covering up the slime ball PR campaign, their Deputy Mayor hired to " neutralize community opposition", and "run cover for elected officials", for this massive land theft from their own citizens. Long time activist for McMillan Park, Daniel Wolkoff testifies to sane, healthy growth for DC, to Save McMillan Park, and landscape architect
Mary Pat Rowan reveals the PR firm “astroturf campaign” in this City Council Committee Oversight hearing with Muriel Bowser.
Join the effort to save our open green space from govt. corruption, contact amglassart@yahoo.com McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
You can be a founder of DC's Central Park,,,,,,