Thursday, November 19, 2015

WAMU's Martin Austermuhle: "Insun Hofgard just got hit with a $301,500 fine for construction violations"

Note for neighorhood newcomers: Bloomingdale has a small set of Hofgard houses.

See this tweet below:

Remember infamous house-flipper Insun Hofgard? She just got hit with a $301,500 fine for construction violations:
10:32 AM - 19 Nov 2015

Here is a Bloomingdale Hofgard house at 160 Adams St NW.


BCC said...

Is she responsible for the abomination at #27 Quincy Pl. NW? That thing is hideous and the construction process seems to be a 2-year process of "let's just do whatever cheapest and the hell with the neighbors or consequences to owners."

Goodakm said...

Could it be a 2-year process of "let's just get all the required permits and not get fined $300k because we've poured our lifesaving a into this passion project?"

Brian said...

Quincy is nothing compared to the hack job at 3636 T St NW where a porta potty lingered on the corner lot through a whole winter. Classless new money.