Saturday, June 08, 2019

at Sunday's Bloomingdale Farmers Market: HUGE unexpected sale on summer squash + Al Volo is BACK !

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1) From: "Markets & More"
Date: June 8, 2019 at 12:01:05 AM GMT+2
HUGE unexpected sale on summer squash
Hi Market Fans!

Garner has an unexpected glut of summer squash and is having a Fill a Bucket sale for $5 - and Bernard says: "don't be shy, fill it up". And how is this for great timing? Mark Bittman just sent around 12 great things to do with them here.

Looking forward to seeing you at market.

2) From: "Markets & More"
Date: June 6, 2019 at 1:01:09 PM GMT+2
Al Volo is Back at BFM

Hello BFM fans,
    The temperature for Sunday looks good, but we may see some rain so pack a small umbrella for market. Remember we are open rain or shine.

Sweet Cherries will be here soon- Sunday?!— from Reid's Orchard so here are some recipes to beat the heat! The cherry crumble will pair well with Bri’s ice cream and the cherry snow cone will keep you cool. Produce Plus is ongoing at Bloomingdale between Reid’s tent and Number 1 Sons. Please come early. We start to distribute PP at 9 am and we had 195 people last week!
  • Music
         this week is Justin Heath.
  • Bike
         House will be joining us at the normal time of 11 to 1 to help you fix
         your bikes and unravel the mysteries of bike repair.
New and Notable:
  • Al
         Volo is back! Fill those freezers for resto quality last minute meals.
  • Key
         Lime Pie New from Whisked
At Market This Week:
Groff's Content Farm: Grass fed beef: ground, stew cubs, roasts and steaks. Grass fed Lambs: shank, shoulder, and leg bone-in. Free range turkey: breast, thighs, legs, and ground. Free range chicken: whole, breast with or w/o bone, leg/thigh quarter, wings, legs, necks/backs, and liver/heart. Bone broths. Sausages. Pasture raised Berkshire pork: ground, Canadian bacon, spare rib, shoulder roasts, smoked hams, pork chop, smoked bacon, and ham hock.  
Bri's Brookland Creamery: Brown sugar vanilla brownie, coconut, cold brew coffee, mint, and chocolate chip. Did you know she bakes those brownies herself?  
Reid's Orchard: Sugar Snap Peas, Strawberries, the first of the sweet cherries if we are lucky. Herbs. Flowers. Mosquito plant. Cat Grass. Apples, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cider, and Strawberries.  
King: Hungarian Mushroom Stew, and a variety of mushrooms fresh and dried; oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane, portabello, enokitake, and chanterelle.  
MountainView: Carrots,bok choy, radish, peas, strawberries, mint, herbs, kale, collard greens, saladgreens, heads of lettuce, purple scallions, and cilantro.
Garners: Broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, baby cucumbers, bok choy, early girl tomatoes, green tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red sweet potatoes, squash-yellow, white turnips, kohlrabi, swiss chard, red + smooth kale, red veined sorrel, green curly kale, spinach, and potted plants.  
Al Volo: Freshly dried pasta, ravioli, and sauces such as pesto, lamb rags, beef bolognese, cherry tomato, wild mushroom, eggplant norma. Robin weighed in from Italy that these are the real thing.   
Keswick: 20 different Jersey cow milk and mixed milk cheeses. Hard to soft, styles from around the world, Robin’s favorite yogurt and chocolate pudding.  
Number 1 Sons: Everything fermented: Kimchi, pickles, kombuchas, and yes, full sour fermented, New York style cucumber pickles are back.  
Panorama Bakery: Variety of pastries, baguettes, larger loaves of plain, multigrain, honey wheat, and some mixed with dried fruits!  
Rod is looking for your bread requests.   
Whisked: Cookie 6-Packs: Chocolate Chip, Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice, Hazelnut Swirl, Pretzel Cowboy, Snickerdoodle, Mexican Chocolate (flourless), Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (vegan), Simply Sugar (vegan), and Chocolate Blackout (vegan). Pies: Salted Caramel Apple, Lemon Coconut, Cherry, Bourbon Pecan, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess, Key Lime Pie, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Quiches: Cheddar Broccoli, Spinach with Sun Dried Tomato, and Kale, Pesto, Parmesan.  
Clara, the
Teds and Robin from afar

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