Tuesday, June 25, 2019

McMillan tour and legal kick off with activist attorney Johnny Barnes -- Saturday, 07-06-2019

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McMillan Tour and Legal Kick Off with Johnny Barnes - Saturday, July 6, 10 am

If you don't feel the Mall is DC's Central Park, especially now the President has usurped it for his own purposes, then you will want to support this effort.  McMillan Park has 25 surface acres and 20 underground acres to be used for community purposes.  The Mayor wants to sell the land we taxpayers paid for to a big developer for $17million when the land is worth at least $100million.  We don't need Tyson's Corner style development and condos on what could be DC's Central Park.  Johnny Barnes, activist attorney, is a welcome addition to all our efforts.

G. Lee Aikin

Join us Saturday morning , home of James Fournier, Esq., 69 Bryant NW DC 20001.  Bring friends and supporters, interested parties for the renewed legal fight!!

Saturday July 6 10:00 A. M. -- if you're late come to site and find the tour

Tour of the site to "kick off" legal cooperative for covenants case

Our special guest is Attorney Johnny Barnes to review the next phase of legal battle to Save McMillan Park and to support and join us for the new McMillan Park Legal Cooperative and McMillan Park Conservancy

Preserve DC's Central Park!

Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Park Conservancy
1231 Randolph Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017


Kevin Rapp said...

The former McMillan Park is across the street on the western side of 1st Street. The area you are referencing and will be touring is the former sand filtration site, which was never a park.

neochen said...

I also did a search for "McMillan Park Conservancy", which Daniel Wolkoff now includes in his signature. Not to my surprise, no such organization exists; or at least there is no online presence for such a group.

ErickSithe said...
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ErickSithe said...

Vast difference between the location of this park and Central Park. Central park is surrounded by residential / retail development. That's why it is a great urban design success. This site is surrounded by a hospital, a reservoir that nobody can access, and a cemetery. By no means is this a fair comparison. We really should move forward with this development which will bring affordable housing and a much needed urban connection.

aesp said...

Seriously, this is not a park. It is a fenced desolate sad piece of land. Why wouldn't you want some development which will surely reduce crime by having more illuminated areas, jobs, and an actual welcoming green area. This anti-development movement is mostly endorsed by NIMBYs who thinks more traffic is unsustainable in a street like michigan ave (pretty ample/broad street). I am aware there has been many other arguments against this development, but rest assured the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Unknown said...

It's time our community finally have what all the other urban neighborhoods take for granted. A rec center and park, a grocery store and retail not to mention more housing! The blocking and delay of this valuable project is criminal and our city government should be more aggressive to bring an end to these lawsuits that go no where and costs us valuable time and money. What we have now is a trash dump.