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DC Water NEBT: Mobilization of R Street NW construction site

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NEBT: Mobilization of R Street NW Construction Site, July 1, 2019

Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project
R Street NW Construction Site Newsletter
May 31, 2019

Greetings residents and businesses.

On or about July 1, 2019, DC Water's contractor will begin fully mobilizing to the R Street NW Construction Site, which will become a major construction component of the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project (NEBT).
The R Street NW Construction Site is in the park area bounded by
  • 6th Street, NW to the east,
  • R Street, NW to the south and
  • Rhode Island Avenue, NW to the north.
Here, crews will construct a diversion facility to connect the existing sewer system to the NEBT. The facility includes a drop shaft that will serve as the exit point of “Chris” the Tunnel Boring Machine when it completes its excavation and tunnel construction work sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

The trees and other park features were removed from the Cooper Gordon Park where crews will erect a fence to enclose the area as the construction site. The fence will be covered with a mesh fabric designed to restrict visibility into the site. In addition, the contractor will assemble large equipment, including a crane and silos to make a slurry plant that will be used in constructing slurry walls. The contractor will build slurry walls to stabilize the soil for excavation of the drop shaft which will extend about 70 feet below ground.

Above is a photo of the 4th Street NE Construction Site. The silos and slurry plant are like the those that will be located at the R Street NW Construction Site.

There will be several significant traffic and parking impacts, which are listed below. Commuters, pedestrians and bicyclists are advised to follow all warning signs and flaggers.

Travel and Parking Restrictions

The following travel and parking restrictions will remain in place 24 hours per day, 7 days a week through early 2022.

Rhode Island Avenue, NW
  • Eastbound traffic on Rhode Island Avenue, NW will merge left into two lanes beginning at 7th Street, NW returning to three travel lanes just after 6th Street, NW.
  • Parking will be restricted along the south side of Rhode Island Avenue between 7th Street, NW and Marion Street, NW.
R Street, NW
  • Traffic on R Street, NW will be reduced to one lane between 6th Street, NW and Marion Street, NW.
  • Parking will be restricted along the south side of R Street, NW between 6th Street and Marion Street.
6th Street, NW
  • Southbound traffic on 6th Street, NW will be reduced to one lane south of Rhode Island Avenue.
  • Northbound traffic on 6th Street, NW will maintain two lanes.
  • Parking on 6th Street will be restricted on a portion of the northbound side to allow for lane shifts.

Map of travel and parking restrictions on 6th and R Streets NW
The above map highlights the parking restrictions in blue and the lane shifts on Rhode Island Avenue, NW eastbound and on 6th Street, NW.

Pedestrian Detour
  • Pedestrians will be directed to use the southern sidewalk on R Street, NW across from the construction site and the eastern sidewalk of 6th Street.

Map of pedestrian detour on 6th and R Streets NW
The green arrows indicate the pedestrian detour route around the R Street NW Construction Site in yellow.

Additional Information
  • People who live or work near the affected locations will notice additional construction equipment and personnel as well as noise associated with construction activities.
  • Commuters and pedestrians will notice road signs and/or flagging personnel directing them safely around the work site.
  • Pedestrians will notice signage for the closed sidewalk restricting access.
Project Details
The Northeast Boundary Tunnel is the largest component of the Clean Rivers Project. It begins south of RFK Stadium and will extend north to Rhode Island Avenue, NE and west to 6th Street NW. When complete, the approximately five-mile long tunnel will significantly reduce chronic flooding in areas it serves, as well as reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows into the Anacostia River by 98%.

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