Friday, June 28, 2019

strawberry ice cream and iced tea at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market

From: "Markets & More" 
Subject: Strawberry Ice Cream at BFM
Date: June 27, 2019 at 7:01:12 AM EDT


BFM fans,

Pearl Tea has joined the market and just in time
for this hot weekend. Her iced tea is a good way to beat the summer heat. So is
ice cream. Sample the new Strawberry ice cream at Bri’s. Think fresh
strawberries topped with Strawberry ice cream or a couple of scoops of Cold
Brew into an iced coffee. That’s a heat quencher.

(Sundays 9-1 at the corner of First and R NW right
in front of the Big Bear Cafe)

Here are some recipes for Fourth of July:

Produce Plus is on going at Bloomingdale between Reid’s tent and Number 1 Sons. Please come early if enrolled. 

New and Notable:

  • Welcoming Pearl Fine Tea to the market
  • New Strawberry ice cream from Bri’s
  • Music this week is Gary John Peresta.
  • Bike House will be here from 11 to 1 To help you fix your bikes..

At Market This Week:

Pearl Fine Tea:
  1. Healing Heart (local rose, lemongrass, ginger)
  2. Rest and Relaxation (local chamomile, lemongrass, lavender
  3. Ginger Lemon (local ginger and lemongrass)
  4. Happy Belly Blend (local mint, lemon balm, fennel)
  5. Earl Grey Lavender (local lavender)
  6. Green tea with local mint
Moroccan Mint and Ginger Lemon will be Iced.

Groff's Content Farm: Grass fed beef: ground, stew
cubes, roasts and steaks. Grass fed lamb: shank, shoulder, and leg bone-in.
Free range turkey: breast, thighs, legs, and ground. Free range chicken: whole,
breast w/ or w/o bone, leg/thigh quarter, wings, legs, necks/backs, and
liver/heart. Bone broths. Sausages. Pasture raised berkshire pork: ground,
canadian bacon, spare rib, shoulder roasts, smoked hams, pork chop, smoked
bacon, and ham hock.
Bri's Creamery: Strawberry. Brown sugar vanilla
brownie, coconut, cold brew coffee, mint, and chocolate chip. Did you know she
bakes those brownies herself?
Reid's Orchard: Sugar snap peas, gooseberries,
sour cherries, beets, pole beans, blueberries, Currants, sweet cherries.
Herbs. Mosquito plant. Cat Grass. Apples, apple sauce, apple butter, apple
cider, and Strawberries.
King: Mushrooms fresh and dried: oyster,shiitake, lion’s mane, portabello cremini, maitake, chestnut, pioppini, enokitake, and chanterelle. Puree the Hungarian Mushroom Soup to makesa great
base for pasta sauce or stew.
Mountain View: Tomatoes, garlic w/stem, young
shallots, fava beans, summer squash, cukes,  sour cherries, carrots, bok
choy, radishes, peas, strawberries, fresh lavender, eggs, white onion, fennel,
herbs, kale, collard greens, salad greens, heads of lettuce, and cilantro.
Garners: Corn, Green beans, Yellow beans,
Blueberries, blackberries, melon,  Beets, Red Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes,
Cherry tomatoes, pole beans, eggplant, peppers, Kale pesto, Green kale, Toscano
kale, Red kale, Collards, Swisschard, Slicing cucumbers, Kirby cucumber,
pickling cucumber, Squash blossoms, Zucchini, Golden zucchini, Yellow squash,
Patty pan squash, Mediterranean squash, Sunflowers, Basil bunches, Cilantro
bunches, Dill bunches, and potted plants.
Cucina Al Volo: Dried pasta, ravioli,
and sauces such as pesto, lamb ragu, beef bolognese, cherry tomato, wild mushrooms,
eggplant norma.
Keswick: Cow milk and mixed milk cheese. Hard to soft, styles from around the
world, Robin’s favorite yogurt and chocolate pudding. Gouda inspired Vermeer,  Alpine-style Tommes, Swirly Girl, Mesquite smoked
Smokey Isabelle, funky Cowttin.  Soft-ripened, ash-covered Winter Morning
has a creamy center, ricotta, quark, and feta. Ask Mark which cheeses melt
best on grilled foods. Crush garlic and mint or cumin with Yogurt makes the
best dip for grilled meat or veg.
Number 1 Sons: Everything Fermented! Kimchi:
Kicky and Sons. Pickles (cucumber kind):
Crispy Koshers, Szechuan Spears, Sunny Dills, Super Sours, Half Sours, Honey
Habs, and Deli Dills. Other pickled Veg: Clean Kraut, Giardiniera, Masala
Beets, Fermented horseradish and mustard kraut, and Hot Hearts.
Kombuchas flavors are Turmeric Tang, Lavender Fizz, Original Ginger, and
Strawberry. Condiments for every meal. Have you tried a hot dog slathered with
kimchi and mayo?
Panorama Bakery: French style bread and breakfast
pastries. Demi french baguette, Traditional artisan baguette, Petit rustique,
Challah, Sourdough, Walnut raisins sourdough, Multigrain loaf, Honey-Wheat
w/Oats, Walnut-cherry baguette, Walnut-cranberry baguette, Olive baguette,
Multigrain baguette, and Pumpernickel boule. Croissants
Whisked: Cookie 6-Packs: Chocolate Chip,
Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice, Hazelnut Swirl, Pretzel Cowboy, Snickerdoodle,
Mexican Chocolate (flourless), Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (vegan), Simply Sugar
(vegan), and Chocolate Blackout (vegan). Pies: Salted Caramel Apple, Lemon
Coconut, Cherry, Bourbon Pecan, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess, Key Lime Pie, and
Strawberry Rhubarb. Quiches: Cheddar Broccoli, Spinach with Sun Dried Tomato,
and Kale, Pesto, Parmesan.


Clara, the Teds and

Robin Shuster
14&U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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