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> March 27 Coronavirus response: Police warn of Coronavirus scams, Board of Elections strongly encourages mail-in voting, and more

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Subject: March 27 Coronavirus Response - Police Warn of Coronavirus Scams, Board of Elections Strongly Encourages Mail-In Voting, and more

Below are today's updates on the District's response to the coronavirus pandemic. For the latest and most comprehensive information always visit

Small Businesses Microgrant Deadline: Tuesday, March 31

The deadline to apply for the DC Small Business Recovery Microgrant Program is 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Do not delay, apply today!

Police Warn of Coronavirus Scams in DC

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) would like to warn the public about potentially fraudulent activity in the District of Columbia related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

During this public health emergency, scammers have taken an opportunity to defraud citizens in various ways. MPD has recently been notified of individuals in the District going door-to-door attempting to sell “Coronavirus insurance”. Those interactions are suspected to be fraudulent. In an effort to keep the community safe, MPD asks the public to avoid the following COVID-19 related scams:
  • Individuals offering to sell a treatment for COVID-19, such as cures, vaccines, and insurance.
  • Online sales of high demand medical supplies such as surgical masks.
  • Telephone calls or emails demanding funds for COVID-19 treatment or other medical services.
  • Solicitation of donations for those affected by COVID-19.
  • Phishing telephone calls, text messages, or emails from national and global health authorities asking to provide personal and/or financial information.
  • COVID-19 apps or downloads that can potentially compromise users’ devices and personal information with malware.
  • Investments claiming to prevent, detect, or cure COVID-19.
  • The Department takes matters such as this seriously and will hold such offenders accountable for their actions.
If you have been a victim or have knowledge of a suspected Coronavirus fraud or scams in Washington, D.C., please contact the Metropolitan Police Department Financial and Cyber Crimes Unit at 202-727-4159 or

Daily Webinar on Filing for Unemployment Compensation

The Department of Employment Services (DOES) will be hosting daily webinars at a variety of times to answer questions regarding unemployment insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will use this opportunity to instruct UI claimants on how to complete the weekly continued claim form for unemployment benefits and provide other important information related to unemployment claims. Additionally, at the end of the video, there is a live question and answer session with DOES staff regarding unemployment eligibility and compliance.

DC Board of Elections Announces New Early Voting Measures Amid COVID-19 Response

Today, officials from the DC Board of Elections (DCBOE) announced new measures to increase voter access and safety during the 2020 June Primary Election and Ward 2 Special Election, amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak nationwide.

“The recent nationwide COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to continue with plans to encourage voters to request mail-in ballots to protect the public and election workers. The DCBOE is fully equipped to absorb the challenges COVID-19 poses to the voting process and has streamlined the process for citizens to cast their ballots by mail,” said Michael Bennett, chair of the DC Board of Elections.

Voters can request mail-in ballots online HERE, via DCBOE's mobile app, by calling the DCBOE at (202) 727-2525 or (202) 741-5283, faxing (202) 347-2648, mailing or dropping off in person a ballot request form to the DC Board of Elections, 1015 Half Street SE, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20003.

“We are also working to expand early voting locations from 15 to 20, and citizens will be able to utilize these locations regardless of their home address,” said LaDawne White, spokesperson for the DC Board of Elections. “However, we strongly advise citizens to request a mail-in ballot. These locations, while increasing in number, will also adhere to CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and they should be reserved for those unable to request a mail-in ballot. It’s imperative that we protect our fellow citizens as well as the thousands of DCBOE volunteers and all of our employees, which means they and voters alike will be subject to stringent enforcement of public health guidelines to make sure they are safe and remain healthy, but also to ensure that every vote is counted with accuracy and integrity.”

“Mail-in ballots are safe, secure and simple. All of these measures are safe ways for citizens to vote, especially those belonging to vulnerable populations most affected by contracting the COVID-19 virus because voting by mail maintains physical distancing practices and allows people more time to vote,” added Bennett.

As the Primary Election approaches, DCBOE will continue coordinating with federal and local health officials and will implement any appropriate safeguards to minimize the risk for voters and election workers.

Voters who want to vote from home can request a mail-in ballot online here. DCBOE offers early voting for the June 2, 2020 Primary Election from Friday, May 22, 2020, up to and including Election Day on June 2, 2020, at One Judiciary Square and voting centers throughout the District.

Census 2020

If everyone participates in the 2020 Census, we can secure better public and private resources for our community.

Here’s how you can do your part to make sure we #GetCountedDC:

Remind your friends and family about the 2020 Census
Visit the DC Census website:
Like the @DC Census page for accurate, up-to-date, and DC-specific information
Fill out the Census on as early as possible!


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