Saturday, January 09, 2010

North Capitol Street cloverleaf feasibility study has been released

DDOT has just released its "North Capitol Street Cloverleaf Feasibility Study."

The study is posted at the website of the DC Office of Planning

If you want to just read the executive summary, go here:

If you want to read the entire study, then go here:,a,1354,q,645949.asp

Two blogs — WashCycle and GreaterGreaterWashington — have commented on the just-released DDOT study.

You are invited to click on the links below to the two blog posts to see what they have to say about the North Capitol Street study.

From the WashCycle:

North Capitol Street Cloverleaf Feasibility Study

From GreaterGreaterWashington:

North Capitol study recommends parkway and boulevard

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