Thursday, January 14, 2010

jonesing for referrals for chimney sweeps

A LeDroit Park resident on Elm Street NW has this request:

I would like to solicit referrals for chimney sweeps.

I already got one and fear there was a lot of upsell, total estimate was nearly $10,000 stating it required to basically be torn out and rebuilt.


Anonymous said...

We have used JPV Inc. - they also go by Johnson Chimney.

Walter Kerr did a fireplace inspection when we bought a house. They discovered some issues the inspector didn't spend much time on, including that the furnace chimney needed to be rebuilt. They cleaned the chimney as part of the inspection. After we closed we had them come back and work on everything (rebuild parts, fix some things that weren't too code). We felt the cost was reasonable - not a lot of upsell. We have had several fires since and been satisfied.

You can also use Urban Referrals to find contractors & service providers.

Anonymous said...

Call Fred Prince (Prince Chimney) on 2nd St. We've been using him for years. (202) 529-0098