Monday, January 18, 2010

interior demolition work at 1821 1st Street NW

There have been reports of interior demolition activity at the one-story commercially-zoned (C-2-A) former "antique store" (wink wink) at the northeast corner of 1st & Seaton Place NW in Bloomingdale.

Here are some pics of the building in its current state.

What are the plans for the building?

No one seems to know for sure.

The property was purchased in October 2009 by Yong C Choe.

Here is the abbreviated entry for this property sale from the DC real property sales database:

Address: 1821 1st St

SSL: 3110 0137
Neighborhood: ECKINGTON
Use Code: 41 - Store-Small 1-Story
Homestead Status: **Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
Owner Name: Yong C Choe
Mailing Address: 1821 1ST STREET NW; WASHINGTON DC 20001-1073
Sale Price: Not Available
Sale Date: 10/09/2009


JohnDC said...

I hope something happens with this and doesn't become another mart.

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was supposed to be a Chinese Food Spot. I can't remember what Blog site that was on, but pretty sure that was the case.

Flagler Resident.

Raymo853 said...

The blog that said it was supposed to become a Chinese spot was Prince of Pentworth. I so hope that is not true. That would almost be a worse case senior from my point of view.

Nosy on S ST said...

POP reported on it back in December. I'm putting my $$ on a dry cleaner. I just hope the pizza's good...