Monday, January 25, 2010

man exposes himself on V Street NW last night

See this Sunday night, 1/24/2010, message from a 1st Street NW resident:

At about 9:10 pm tonight I, was walking the dogs down V St towards Flagler NW.

When I was about a third the way down the block, a thin young black man with long braids and a dark jacket crossed from the north to the south side of the street in front of me and walked up on to the steps of the house in front of the one where the two nice guys with the dog and the great xmas tree decorations live. I didn't recognize the guy and something felt off about him. I had my two big dogs with me so I didn't think much of it... It was just a slight twinge that something was off.

When I was about two houses down from him I said, "How you doin?'" as I say to everyone. He said it back.

When I stepped about fifteen feet closer I passed a large bush that had been blocking the fact that his pants were down and his c*ck was out.

I called him lame and a couple of other things, got home and called the cops.

By 9:40 pm, there were 3 cops in my livingroom taking a statement.

They said they'd seen someone who fit the description. They just left to go look for him.

Nothing like this has happened to me before when walking the dogs.

I suspect if he's done this to me, then he's done this to others.

This same neighbor sent along this additional comment this morning (1/25/2010):

I found this doc when trying to make sense of things and, though I'm no expert, this guy did not seem like a 2D (or one of the ones that is excessively violent).

He seemed more in the 1 B. He had an edge, he deliberately walked across the street to put himself in my path...he put down the cigarette he was looked like a guy leaving his break to go back to work... but he seemed really self-contained. I never once thought he would approach me or follow me and I felt comfortable enough to tell him in a very disappointed, but not hysterical, angry or frightened tone...that "that is so lame". He didn't respond positively or negatively...But that might have just been the dogs. In fact, I was so cool through the event that the Dogs didn't even bark and when we are walking on a
rainy night they usually have hair triggers for strangers. I didn't even get scared till I got home.

The thing that worries me is that I saw the cops drive by my house and go down V towards Flagler and then they came to interview me five minutes later. They said they'd seen someone who fit the description which means, if it was the same dude...he just stayed on the street where he flashed me for another 20 minutes after it happened. If that is the case he was looking for another mark.

One final thing...
The guy was young, he looked college age or just older but he did not look like he was a student. He just had a different edge... He also was very well kept. He was clean, put together, orderly...he didn't look like he was drunk or on drugs and he very deliberately made eye contact...which would make sense considering the description above of what he was trying to get out of the exchange... the temporary high of frightening a girl walking alone on the street at night that would validate his low self esteem.

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