Wednesday, January 27, 2010

to-open-soon Beau Thai restaurant seeks zoning assistance

See this message from a Randolph Place NW resident:

I have it on good authority (namely, the future owner/operator of the restaurant) that an authentic Thai restaurant will come close to us in Bloomingdale, just slightly west on the corner of R St. and New Jersey Ave., N.W., a couple of blocks from Big Bear Cafe due west on R...

The restaurant is going to be called Beau Thai. [Moderator note: it was mentioned back in October at the DC BACA blog here: /].

She is aiming for an early March opening. She is a veteran in the Thai food business (and a relative of the operator of Thai X-Ing on Florida Avenue NW).

She will at first only have take-out service, as her zoning appears to be restricted to that for the time being (take-out was apparently grandfathered-in through prior use of the, very nice, building). She told me that what she really wants to do is a full-fledged sit-down Thai restaurant, however.

I believe she will need our and our ANC Commissioners' support, as well as that of the Shaw community of course. I don't see why anyone would not want to support more sit-down restaurants. If anyone can help provide advice in this regard (re-zoning for commercial/restaurant use), I'm sure she will be happy to hear it -- I will update the listserv with her information to contact directly, once things are finalized on her end.

Also, does anyone know whether NCMS would be a source of any grants or other support for this welcome business addition, even though it's a few blocks away from North Capitol Street? If not, any other leads for similar organizations that would cover this location along NJ Avenue N.W.?


Here is an update: Washington Business Journal reporter Missy Frederick spotted this blog enty and wrote about it here at her blog: "Beau Thai to Bloomingdale?"


Deanwoodenizen said...

I'd say the owner needs to connect with DCRA's Mike Rupert through the @dcra twitter account or Check with the NoMA BID; if Beau Thai's not in the footprint they could at least be helpful for networking.

JohnDC said...

It's definitely not in NOMA's footprint. I walk by that building all the time on the way to dupont/logan. I'm assuming its the one on the NW corner.

It has a HUGE brick patio that would be perfect for outside tables. I imagine that's another hurdle but still interesting option.

I tried thai xcrosing only once. I've heard wonderful things but we weren't impressed. Was it just an off night? Should I try again?

ShawGuy said...

Is there anything neighbors can do to help? I'd love to help advocate for sitdown zoning (I live several doors down). And I second the patio area.

Anonymous said...

Yes, try Thai Xing again. The food is amazing.

IMGoph said...

best of luck to them (though the washington biz journal needs to recognize that that location isn't in bloomingdale, it's in shaw)!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is squarely in Shaw! It would be great to have this restaurant in our neighborhood. If the food is good, people will come!

djtansey said...

I'd frequent it regularly. I LOVE Thai X-ing, but its small size makes it hard to make it a regular destination. If this place had good food and could handle more customers, I'd happily make it a standard stop. Anything we can do to push for sit-down licensing?