Wednesday, January 13, 2010

jonesing for a few pest control service referrals

A 1st Street NW resident has this request:

I'm wondering if anyone might have any recommendations of good exterminators in the area.

I've been experiencing a problem with mice and would like to have it taken care of by a reputable professional!


Anonymous said...

Please let me know when you do! Aprille

Anonymous said...

I had a problem that resulted in 23 mice caught over the course of less than two weeks. I really wish I was kidding.

We had exterminators come through, but frankly, when it comes to mice, they were a joke. They primarily wanted to just set out glue traps and then check the glue traps once a month. And charge an outrageous sum of money to do so.

What we ended up doing was plugging up the holes we suspected the mice were coming through--for us, they were behind the stove. We got a bunch of rat poison (the pellet kind), poured it down the holes, stuffed the holes with steel wool, then closed the holes up with that expanding foam stuff.

To catch the mice, we got three Rat Zappers. I cannot recommend the Rat Zappers enough. They are pricey--about $40 each--but worth every penny. So powerful that several times they caught two mice in one night. Don't get the small versions of the Rat Zappers (all they have left at Home Depot these days)--you want the full sized Rat Zappers. A little light will blink letting you know that something has been caught, and you just pour it out into the trash. No mess, no fuss. Also, if you care, the Rat Zapper is by far the most humane of all the forms of rodent extermination.

Between the two plans we had going simultaneously, we got rid of our mouse problem.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Bloomingdale resident Narda Newby asked to have her recommendation posted.

please post JC Ehrlich for a recommendation for pest control. Ask for Mac as the technician. Here is their phone number 301. 516. 0682. They service DC and VA. Mac is very familiar with our neighborhood.

== Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale ==

Anonymous said...

Comquest Pest Control; 202.667-7012; DJ is our go to guy. We had a mice problem, our Yorkie did his best to assist with exterminating Micky and his friends but Comquest has since addressed the problem, now its under control with regular checkups. We also have a bird, so their methods are pet/eco-friendly.
Referral: W Street