Tuesday, January 19, 2010

unappealing Bloomingdale commercial space for sale

You may have seen this commercial property at 81 Seaton Place NW, whose side abuts the rear of 1821 1st Street NW.

According to neighborhood legend, this building used to serve as a transfer station of sorts for the Washington Star newspaper. I do not know when it stopped being used for newspaper distribution.

During the past decade, the second story was added. Rather ugly.

The property is presently an active listing. You can see Suzanne Des Marais' listing from Saturday, 1/16/2010, here: http://mrislistings.mris.com/Matrix/Public/Portal.aspx?k=252400X2J6R&p=DE-99315428-2

The list price is $239,000.

Ove the weekend, I met the current listing agent. In the photo on the right, you can see the listing agent checking on the property from the alley side. He was meeting a man who is shopping around for salon space.

Here is the entry for this C-2-A-zoned property from the DC real property sales database:

Address: 0081 SEATON PL
SSL: 3110 0136
Neighborhood: ECKINGTON
Use Code: 41 - Store-Small 1-Story Class 3 Exception: No
Tax Type: TX - Taxable Tax Class: 002 - Commercial
Homestead Status: ** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
Mailing Address: 4425 PONCE DE LEON BLVD; CORAL GABLES FL33146-1837
Sale Price: $82,960
Sale Date: 10/28/2009

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