Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bloomingdale basement flooding: toilet overflowing

From a household on the unit block of S Street NW:

We did have minor flooding in our basement during the storm. It was due to a toilet overflowing, and we're assuming that was because storm water overflowed into the waste-water lines.

Did anyone else have similar issues?


Sean Hennessey said...

i had a similar problem with the utility sink in my basement.
the issue was that the line leaving my house wasn't properly draining into the main line in the alley. at least 5 of my neighbors have had the same problem this year. I called DC Water and they came out and fixed it.

Vijay said...

Careful... your sewer main from your house may be starting to clog up. I had a similar problem last year during a heavy rainfall and ended up with sewage all over the basement floor. You may need to try to go through DC water or else hire a plumber to snake out the line.

Anonymous said...

Had a similar issue. The problem was that the drain pipe leading from the house to the main line in the street was clogged (similar to what Scenic Artisan described). Call DC WASA and describe the problem. They will most likely send a crew to "blow out" the access port (don't know what this is technically called) in your front or back yard by shooting high pressure water into it. This creates a 10 foot tall gusher that blows out any of the debris in your drain pipe. Check your outdoor drains. Debris might be entering the pipe through uncovered drains or because your access port is below grade. The latter was the problem in my case. WASA will also extend the access port to be above grade if this is needed.