Thursday, August 25, 2011

John Salatti: sandbags and the cleaning of catch basins

See this message from ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti:

Hi, Everyone,

To be prepared for possible strong storms this weekend, Emily Roderer and I have been working together to ensure that Bloomingdale in general and the Thomas-T Street NW low areas specifically are ready. She contacted DPW yesterday about whether sandbags will be made available in advance and I contacted DC Water about having the catch basins in Bloomingdale inspected and cleaned this week.

Emily was told that no decision had been made as of yesterday about sandbags, but she is staying tuned about that. DC Water has been very responsive and sent a truck into Bloomingdale yesterday to start looking at catch basins, and I will be meeting with the crew supervisor today to find out how things are going and which basins may have needed extra cleaning.

If you know of a drain that seem particularly prone to not draining well, please let me know, and I`ll double check with DC Water.

So we are moving ahead to do whatever we can before Hurricane Irene arrives this weekend. Please take care, stay safe, check in with neighbors, especially those who are seniors who may have trouble getting around and those who are not connected to the Internet. Let me know if you are aware of any specific problems or needs any one has.

Have a great day,


Ryan Eades said...

Many thanks for being proactive. Just want to put a triple vote in for making sure the catch basins on the 100 block of RI Ave, especially the eastbound/south side, are clean and clear. We are the lowest of the low point on RI Ave and have a long history of flooding.

I wish sandbags could help us, but are floods are usually of the flash variety that come up from the sewers.

Good luck to all this weekend in keeping your houses dry! I know we'll need it...

studiobagno said...
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