Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TapIt. free water station at Windows.

Maybe this is old news, but I just learned about Tap It.

From their website

Some people say its easy to go bottle-less: grab a glass from the kitchen cabinet and fill it from the tap. But what about when you’re away from your home or office? We’ve taken hundreds of local cafes and bound them together into a network that lets those who want water find those willing to provide it.

TapIt water bottle refilling network was founded in 2008 to give New Yorkers free access to clean sustainable water on the go. Café owners sign up as ‘partners’ to provide tap water to those who carry a reusable bottle. Partner locations are easy to find using our search and mapping features (PC or Smartphone) or by downloading ‘TapIt Water’ from the iPhone App store. For those with limited access to technology, printable city maps can be downloaded and stickers can be found on café windows.

But the TapIt network is not just about going bottle-less; less bottles, less recycling, less water privatization and extraction, it’s about understanding why those things are a problem and finding new and sustainable 21st century solutions.

Our small team is committed to making the TapIt network a reality across the U.S. and the world. But we need you, people who believe in our mission and are willing to use the TapIt network; people who believe in new and innovative solutions to our most pressing problems and businesses willing to make 21st century business decisions that increase foot traffic and sales while supporting their community’s sustainability goals.

We’re working hard to give you a genuine alternative to bottle water and sugary beverages when you’re on the go, so that you can stay healthy, save money and live a happy and sustainable life. Think your city is ready to start a local water movement? We want to work with you! 

Windows Cafe is a Tap It site

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