Wednesday, August 17, 2011

is Bloomingdale "more than Big Bear"?

A neighbor passed along this link:

You will see that the Bloomingdale area is stereotyped with the label "more than just big bear."

What do YOU think ?

Update: Lydia DePillis over at the Housing Complex column at the Washington City Paper has posted a brief blurb on this new DC neighborhood map:

Pick Your Stereotype!
Posted by Lydia DePillis on Aug. 17, 2011 at 1:26 pm

LivingSocial`s D.C.-centric blog, SocialStudiesDC, has put together a map of District stereotypes:

Reprinted with permission from the LivingSocial people.

You might say it`s ignorant and myopic. Of course, that`s the point.

And hey, Big Bear Cafe, you`ve made yourself into even more of a stereotype than you realize!

For a more nuanced read on the District`s social geography, take a gander at our neighborhood guide ( ) from 2008. It`s a little outdated—
most people don`t think of Rock Creek Park in terms of Gary Condit anymore, for example—but largely still holds true.


All Cats are Grey in the Dark said...

Bloomingdale seems like it is one of the upcoming DC areas. There are a couple of good hangouts like Rustik, but they need more.

Kristian Perry said...

Bloomingdale is definitely upcoming. Big Bear and Rustik are great places, and we've got Boundry Stone and Shaw's Tavern on the way. We've also got an organic pet supply store and a green dry cleaners. But that's adding to a few fun places that have been here for a long time like Soul Veg and Everlasting Life Cafe. I love the neighborhood.

I suppose my post just confirms the Big Bear stereotype? If so I can live with it, but I happen to know my neighbors are a diverse bunch, and that makes me happy.