Thursday, August 25, 2011

reident seeking guidance on noise-blocking windows

From a Quincy Place NW resident:

Hello! I`m wondering if anyone in the neighborhood has installed windows that block out noise? I`m having a hard time sleeping thanks to unreasonably loud HVAC units located outside my bedroom window. The property manager refuses to do anything about it.

As I plead with him to be a kind neighbor and move his HVAC units, I`m starting to research options for getting a noise-resistant window with double-pane glass or vinyl frames... or perhaps placing a second window behind or inside my existing window.

The information I`ve found so far is pretty confusing. Does anyone have recommendations for what to do or which company to work with? Thank you.


LocoViking said...

Hey, we have replaced all 27 windows in our home with Simonton Storm Breaker Plus. We live on 1st st and now we don't hear the ambulances. Check this out:

Kerry said...

I recommend Medallion Window and Security. My house faces Rhode Island Avenue - so I get both the rush hour in the AM and the PM. Back in 2006 I installed triple pane windows and they do a great job blocking out the noise and are also very good with making the house efficient and tight. Low heat and A/C loss through the seasons.
Medallion is at (301) 420-1800 My old contact is no longer working there but anyone can help you.

neroshelper said...

I lived in North Cap and the noise was quite intense. I ended up installing CitiQuiet windows through a vendor in Gaithersburg. I did 5 windows in the bedroom (it was a turret) and had amazing results. They were expensive but probably the best option.

Beth said...

Thanks so much for your advice -- it's so helpful. Would anyone be willing to let me come by to see their windows? I am checking out some CitiQuiet windows this weekend, but I'm also curious about the Storm Breaker Plus and Medallion ones. I'd be interested to learn pricing as well. If you're willing to let me swing by, please let me know via this blog or shoot me an email at bas43 at