Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lively discussion at last night's @HumanitiesDC event w/@Nattyrankins & co. Thanks, @bigbearcafe for the space to speak

See these tweets following last night's robust Humanitini event held at Big Bear Cafe:

Saaret Yoseph@SaaretSays
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Lively discussion at tonight's @HumanitiesDC event w/@Nattyrankins & co. Thanks, @bigbearcafe for the space to speak.- 17 Dec
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 Autumn Saxton-Ross@asaxtonross
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@Nattyrankins @SaaretSays @HumanitiesDC @ScottRobertsDChad a great time, and looking forward to saying hello to more Bloomingdalians! - 17 Dec
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@asaxtonross @Nattyrankins @SaaretSays@ScottRobertsDC Awesome guests + engaged audience = roaring success! Thanks to all!
 05:50 PM - 17 Dec 14
Natalie Hopkinson@Nattyrankins
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@SaaretSays @HumanitiesDC yes! & special treat for me & @asaxtonross to be escorted home by Bloomingdale's block matron,@ScottRobertsDC (:

Later it came out, much of viral video was shot in Harlem, another -like place w/ plenty of black ppl with Southern roots

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