Saturday, December 13, 2014

? question on Howard University's policy against dogs on campus ?

See this 12-13-2014 message:

I was just stopped by a Howard University campus officer (D. Smith, badge 118) who told me that Howard has a policy against dogs on campus. He would not let me walk my dog on Howard Place between 6th and 4th Streets. In all the time we've lived next to the campus, no one has ever told us that before. I'd be interested to hear from other listserve members whether they have ever been told that dogs are prohibited on campus. We love living by next to the campus. We cheer at the homecoming parade every year, and we even don't mind the occasional partying outside our house on weekends. 
But if there is really a rule that we can't walk our dog through the campus, well, that puts a different spin on things. 
Thanks for any input from neighbors on this question.


mona said...

Interesting...they won't stop their students from disturbing the neighborhood at all hours of the night but they want to stop you from walking your dog. When students respect the neighborhood maybe....but till then....

Bloomingdale Resident said...

If the streets in the VMP development of McMillan are private, does that mean that there is a possibility that we will not be allowed to walk dogs, or even ourselves, there?