Wednesday, December 17, 2014

VMP receives unanimous DC Council approval for all surplus & disposition resolutions at the 12-02-2014 meeting

See this tweet:

ICYMI: VMP received unanimous DC Council approval for all Surplus & Disposition resolutions @ 12/2 mtg!

and this related tweet:

At last mtg of year, lists unfunded projects- does not mention

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Daniel in brookland said...

his is not extraordinary engagement, it is a slime campaign by Jamie Fontaine(professional slimeball), paid for by DC taxes, disgusting! The coercive bullying and absence of a single poll, vote or ballot referendum, is dictatorship! Our community was pressured, never had a choice, "consulted" by this miserable corporate conglomerate, my ass. When they have rammed this down our throats, it's not engagement, it's a violation of our rights to our own govt. Who is minding the fox?
EYA's Akash testifies "thanks to all the participants, supporters and opponents, we appreciate and respect you". Using slime tactics, Fontaine, Carmen group is not respect! What tactics would they use if they hated us?
Join the lawsuits Bloomingdale,, our land, our govt. our rights, our future, our children,our health.
Parks are development, and they produce revenue. How much annual revenue does Wolf Trap produce for National Park Service, and The Wolf Trap Foundation? We need a Wolf Trap concert stage at McMillan,, with awesome architecture(unlike the hideous designs of VMP). We need skating rinks, that convert to roller skating in the summer, a Glen Echo historic restoration with 365 days a year of classes, performance, music, art, dance. sustainable agriculture for food /nutrition security.
As we literally watch the water and sewer infrastructure disintegrate, we need the Sand Filtration Plant preserved for clean water security. The Mayor and City Council are bypassing every legal protection to demolish the site, and prepare it for mega-development, at taxpayer expense. The district is obligated to finance over $70 million in site preparation/mitigation, an unknown amount!

We desperately need a place to train young people and the under-employed in building trades, as they restore our park/historic site.This Civilian Conservation Corp will spin-off into a rehab and renovation service for senior home owners, to help them keep up, insulate and upgrade the condition of their homes.

We need outdoor activity, to keep us healthy, not Visionless McMillan Partners medical offices, we want to keep you out of the doctors office, not over build the last open green space for medical offices.

So the talking point is that DC needs revenue,, sure like the $25 million our government officials have wasted on fencing us out for 27 years and paid Spectrum Maintenance, $250,000 a year on some questionable contract for maintenance.

Friend's Google "Central Park revenue", remember the "Great Meadow", Delacorte Theatre, Wolman Ice Skating rink with summer concerts? Something wonderful about large open spaces in the city but Washington's "leadership" only care about developers profits!

In NY, revenue from 21 hot dog vendors in Central Park will total $60 million in 30 years, no bonds, no demolition, no construction, no paving, no 3000 parking spaces, just grass, and trees.
One hot dog vendor in NY's Central Park, operates a pushcart at the entrance to the Central Park zoo, and pays $289,000 in fees to the city of NY. The top 20 vendors pay over $100,000 a year to NYC to operate their pushcarts and sell food in parks. That is $2.3 million a year from 21 food cart vendors, but DMPED, Mayor (still un-indicted, but offered a plea deal!) Gray, Miss Bowser, Kenyan McDuffie and the Visionless McMillan Partners "know better". Only in DC, parks are barren empty useless burdens on the city govt., everywhere else parks are "development".