Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2nd Annual Season of the GetStrong Fitness Sweat Club - sign up today!

See this 03-22-2016 message from Truxton Circle resident Tyler Brown -- founder of the GetStrong Fitness Sweat Club:

Greetings Anwaa,

Interested in 3 free 60 minute personal training sessions? I'm Tyler Brown, CPT-NCSF Washington DC native, and Founder of GetStrong Fitness! We're a Black owned 
Personal Training, Group Fitness and fitness social experience company based in Washington DC’s bustling Bloomingdale neighborhood! 

I'm shooting this media advisory your way to get placed in your DC Weekly Newsletter!

GetStrong Fitness is happy to announce the second season of the GetStrong Fitness Sweat Club!

Our outdoor boot-camp features the hottest DJ workout music mixes combined with HIIT circuits and light tools like resistance bands, training ropes and kettlebells!    

Attached please find our media advisory detailing the season's events. 

Please come join us and get your sweat on! Any Saturday from 11 am- 12:30 pm, details attached!  


Tyler Brown

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