Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2nd Town Hall on neighborhood Historic District designation -- from the Eckington Civic Association -- Wednesday, 03-16-2016

Since Bloomingdale is mulling neighborhood Historic District designation like Eckington, Bloomingdalians might wish to attend the event below this week.

Historic Designation Upcoming Events and Information

Walt Cain<>: Mar 09 02:59PM -0500

Second Town Hall on Historic District Designation

The Eckington Civic Association (ECA) will host the second of three town halls on historic district designation at 7 PM on Wednesday, March 16 in the second floor community room of the Summit at St. Martin’s (116 T St NE). The panelists for the town hall include:

· Kim Elliot, DC Historic Preservation Office

o Kim will speak to the process for homeowners who want/need to do work on their homes in a historic district. Specifically, what kind of work requires what level of approval, what information homeowners have to provide, the role of desk reviewers/what they look for, how reviewers can assist homeowners, as well as information about the Homeowner Grant Program.

· Joel Lawson, Development Review Division, DC Office of Planning

o Joel will speak to the various types of zones in Eckington, the different effect on pop-ups between the recent R-4 rule change and historic designation, and zoning issues in historic districts generally.

· Greta Fuller, Homeowner in the Anacostia Historic District

o Greta will share the perspective of a homeowner currently living in a DC historic district. She will speak to issues of home repair, impact on senior citizens, and cost associated with historic designation.

· Peter Sefton, Historian with QED Associates

o Peter will provide updates on the architectural, cultural, and social history of Eckington found through research since the first town hall.

The event will last two hours with the first hour dedicated to panelist presentations and the second hour reserved for a Q&A session between the audience and panelists. In order to get to as many questions as possible and to maintain an orderly meeting, audience members will be provided notecards and pens to write down their questions for the panelists. The questions will then be read by a moderator and the panelists given the chance to respond.

If you are unable to attend and have a question you would like addressed, please send an email to We will ask the questions at the town hall and include the response in the meeting minutes.

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