Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bloomingdale resident, labor writer and historian Tula Connell's Conservative Counterrevolution book has just been released

Tula Connell is a Bloomingdale resident.

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Historian and labor writer Tula Connell explores how the clash between political conservatives and champions of liberalism in 1950s Milwaukee shaped a city and helped redefine postwar American politics nationwide. Connell shows how far-right conservatives created a 50-year game plan to “make America great again,” one that was driven by an all-out assault on unions and opposition to civil rights. Their actions laid the groundwork for conservatism’s more extreme and far-reaching future success. Based on her new book, "Conservative Counterrevolution: Challenging Liberalism in 1950s Milwaukee," Connell's research reveals how historical trends often documented at the national level first played out on the ground in a great American city.

Tula A. Connell is a labor writer and historian living in Washington, D.C.

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