Monday, July 23, 2018

fundraising reception at The Unified Scene Theater for Oklahoma House District #35 candidate Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk – today, Monday, 07/23/2018

See this 07-23-2018 message:

Tonight at 6 pm: Fundraiser at The Unified Scene Theater for Oklahoma House District 35 Native-American Candidate Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk

Please join hosts, Kathy Baird Westfall & Lael Echo-Hawk, for a chance to meet the first Native woman candidate for Oklahoma House District 35, Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk. Come enjoy some light refreshments, grab a drink, and open your pockets for this game-changer! 

Why care about an Oklahoma candidate?

Jasha is a progressive Democratic candidate running to flip the district from a 30+ year Republican reign in rural Oklahoma. She is pursuing this as a young Native mother without class privilege leading with her strong ancestral heritage. Inspired by the need for change not just in her immediate community, but in the need to flip many state legislatures across the country back into the hands of the working class, Jasha is owning up to her responsibility for carrying on the legacy of her tribal lineage.

Oklahoma is ready for the change that the mainstream progressives have long overlooked especially in rural America. And, it takes the courage of candidates like Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk to not only provide the choice on the ballot, but to keep the movement of the people going forward. 

Ready for action?

It’s going to take all hands to help lift up this candidate to see the change we need as a country overall. We need YOU to come meet her, feel inspired by her, believe in her boldness, and invest in a grassroots Matriarch that is ready to lead in Oklahoma.

Tonight at The Unified Scene Theater, 6 pm

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